Seven Chakra Window Crystal


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This seven chakra window crystal incorporates the colors of the seven chakras. Chakras are believed to be areas of energy and spiritual power, representing different levels of consciousness. The chakras are used often in mediation and yoga practice. Each chakra in this sun catcher is depicted by a grouping of one 8mm faceted round Swarovski crystal with a 4mm faceted bicone crystal on either side of it. I have used the following Swarovski crystal colors to represent the chakras:

The “Root Chakra” (red) is light siam.
The “Sacral Chakra” (orange) is tangerine.
The “Solar Plexus Chakra” (yellow) is sunflower.
The “Heart Chakra” (green) is emerald.
The “Throat Chakra” (blue) is sapphire.
The “Third Eye Chakra” (indigo) is dark indigo.
The “Crown Chakra” (purple) is purple velvet.

This particular piece is 9.5″ long and, as with all Solana Kai Designs window crystals, features a 30mm designer quality Asfour faceted crystal. Hang it in your window and when the sun shines and hits the many facets of the crystal you will see rainbows around your room. With crystals, the more cuts they have, the more rainbows you get, so as you can see, these window prisms will give you lots of rainbows. And when the sun isn’t shining, you will still have a beautiful decoration.

This piece has been strung on professional jeweler’s wire which is very strong and durable. A suction cup is included to hang the crystal in your window.

The seven chakra window crystal will have a Solana Kai Designs tag on it, be wrapped in colorful tissue paper and placed, along with the suction cup, in a decorative organza drawstring bag, It will be ready to give as a gift or give to yourself!

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Please note: The colors in all of my creations look accurate on my computer. However, monitors can be calibrated differently, and therefore may look a bit lighter or darker on yours.


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